Dear all,

Ltd., Limited / Bogdanovich Porcelain Factory which is situated in Mid.Urals, Russia is glad to offer you porcelain and semivitreous ware product supplying. The first production marked by the poetic symbol with the images of Russian Writer Bazhov P.P. has been produced in December 29th, 1973 The companys trade mark The mistress of Copper Mountain in the image of lizard symbolizes the natural riches of our edge and means that the factory is situated in Mid.Urals. The factory takes the 2nd place in Russian Federation on its capacity. Production, produced by the factory, differs by its graceful forms and whiteness which is the most important characteristics of porcelain quality and significantly compete both with domestic and European manufacturers Factory is the unique among other porcelain manufacturers due to the fact that its manufacture is organized in two directions: high-temperature and low-temperature porcelain.


Low-temperature porcelain is a result of new scientific development implementation: Italys highly efficient automatic lines and special thermal conditions allow to get products with the unique physical properties and as a result they can be used in microwaves and ovens. Shockproof properties of low-temperature porcelain are as much as possible approximated to the shatterproof dishes. We offer porcelain and semivitreous ware products: plates, salad-dish, napkin prop, sets for spices, tea and table services, cups, souvenir products and others. We also take special orders with painting texts, logotypes, emblems and other thematic symbolic. We have big assortment of dishes for restaurants, cafes and dining-rooms.
The quantity of Bogdanovich porcelain factory production is highly appreciated not only by domestic, but also by foreign customers. Our factory has been many times awarded in different exhibitions, for example Hoztorg, for its form richness, variety of pictures and elegance. Ltd., Limited / Bogdanovich Porcelain Factory offers its production which perfectly satisfies the criterion obtainable price excellent quality.
Yours sincerely Deputy general director Martsenuk M.V.

Russia, 623532, Sverdlovskaya obl.,
Bogdanovich city, Stepana Razina str., 62
Phone: +7 (34376) 215-91, e-mail: bfz@bfz.ru